Worst Super Bowl Blunders of All Time

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Ah, the illustrious Super Bowl. The game to end all games. Not only is this a football fan’s greatest moment, but it’s the stuff that kids dream about, as they sit and eat their Wheaties at the breakfast table, while dreamily staring at the sports figure on the box. So one would think that if you were good enough to get to the Super Bowl, you would at least be good enough to pull it off, without embarrassing yourself or your team. One would think...

The ‘Wow, I Wish I Had That to Do Over’ Section

We’ll break this down into just 2 players:

  • Don Beebe and Leon Lett - In Super Bowl XXVII, Dallas Cowboy Leon Lett, after picking up a late in the game Buffalo fumble, ran to what would have, should have, and could have been the final winning score of the game for The Cowboys. In his infinite albeit self absorbed wisdom, Lett extends the ball out away from his body, in a magnificent celebratory display, just before crossing the goal line. Lightening fast Don Beebe, with his experience and knowledge of many years in the NFL, bats the ball out of Lett’s hand right before he crosses the end zone causing a fumble (which then rolls into the end zone and out of bounds). This resulted in a touchback, giving the ball back to Buffalo at the 20. Oops.

  • The 1972 Dolphins Kicker - On the rare occasion that something other than kicking is asked of an NFL kicker, Garo Yepremien is the poster child for why they probably shouldn’t. In all probability, the Redskins may never have scored in 1973’s Super Bowl VII. But with a little over two minutes left, as the Dolphins’ kicker attempted a field goal, only to have it blocked, he then unwisely picked up the ball and attempted something that few kickers should ever even dream about. He attempted to pass the ball. Without going into gory details suffice it to say it went horribly awry and ended up being taken back for a touchdown, for the Redskins.

Not All Super Bowl Blunders Are Made by the Players

While not the biggest Super Bowl blunder in history, and truth be told not the first or last time that a celebrity would be guilty of this; poor, unfortunate, Christina Aguilera sadly forgot the words to our beloved national anthem. Of course, it was the mistake heard round the world. But in a day and age when many adults cannot accurately recite the Pledge of Allegiance, it leaves you to question how much of a rarity this really is. For the record, Christina Aguilera was not the first or last person to ever forget the words to the national anthem, in front of God, country, and everyone.

Equally embarrassing, but possibly far less accidental was what became known as Janet Jackson's ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ at the 2004 NFL Super Bowl, as she sang with Justin Timberlake. If nothing else, it accomplished several things. It got everyone, who wasn’t doing it already, talking about Janet Jackson, it was probably the deciding factor in broadcasting ‘live’ events like the Super Bowl, with a several second delay (just in case someone’s wardrobe malfunctioned again someday) and (most importantly) it gifted the urban dictionary with a new phrase/term.

Whitney Houston, God love her and we miss her, wanted to make sure that she could not be included in the list of celebrities who somehow managed to screw up. For that very reason she, or someone close to her, decided that lip-synching would be the best option, for performing the national anthem in Super Bowl XXV. And to her credit, it was flawless. That said however, in case you are a vocalist, here’s a little piece of advice for you: Lip-synching is never, ever the best option. You will be called out on it eventually, probably at the least opportune time of your career. No good deed, no matter how good, goes unpunished.

The Blunders That Cost One Great Player (what might have been) His Last Super Bowl

This only deserves mention, because it was possibly one of what could have been the best moments, in his life gone horribly awry... and it only took seconds. The year was 2009. With seven seconds to go in the game, that could possibly have meant an eventual first and only Super Bowl win for the Vikings, with loads of time thanks to a protective frontline, Brett Favre throws an [ill advised pass that ends up in an] interception that ended, not only the season for the Vikings, but turned out to be the last NFL pass he would ever throw, as well.

None of these players or performers previously mentioned deserves to be forever chastised for their Super Bowl faux pas. It is in fact, merely the words ‘Super Bowl’ that make these blunders stand out in our minds. In a day and age when heroes are fleeting, we have to try and hold onto those heroes, as long as we can and find them, when and where ever time allows. So cheers to you, the fortunate/unfortunate NFL players and entertainers, that have somehow found their names, on the list of biggest Super Bowl blunders, up to this time.