2017 Super Bowl Prop Bets - Superbowl LI Props

One of the more common misconceptions about Super Bowl betting is that most of the action sportsbooks get is through wagers made on the game's actual outcome. But the reality is that proposition betting now composes the bulk of Super Bowl betting, and it's no surprise why when you consider how fun and lighthearted some of these bets can be. Of course, there's nothing lighthearted when you've got major money on the biggest game of the NFL season! So if you're going to make any 2016 Super Bowl prop bets, be sure to take a look at the info we've listed below.

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Basics of Super Bowl Prop Bets

Assuming you're unclear on exactly what a prop bet is, this merely refers to a wager that's made on something other than the outcome of the game. For example, one common Super Bowl prop bet revolves around which team will score first. And sure the first-scoring team will gain an advantage, but this factor doesn't decide the final outcome of the game. There are plenty of other Superbowl prop bets that you'll see offered, which we're going to cover next.

Common Prop Bets

Sportsbooks like to have a lot of fun with prop betting, which is why you'll see some pretty crazy wagers offered come Super Bowl time. All you need to do is look around at a few different sportsbooks, and you'll likely find tons of different proposition wagers available. Here is a look at some of the typical prop bets that you'll see in Super Bowl 2016:

- Who will score the game's first touchdown
- Which team will score first
- Which team will score last
- What the first score of the game will be (field goal or TD)
- Who the Super Bowl MVP will be
- Which team will rack up the most penalty yards
- Will Quarterback A or Quarterback B have the most passing yards
- What the coin toss outcome will be (heads/tails)

Super Bowl Prop Betting Strategy

The biggest mistake made by novice Superbowl bettors involves wagering on props that they haven't thoroughly researched. But just like when you bet on the outcome of a game, you also need to put plenty of thought and analysis into making informed prop bets. For example, if you're going to bet on which team scores first, it's very important to research various statistics and figures to get a good idea on the team most likely to put up the initial points.

Another problem that players need to be aware of when making Superbowl prop bets revolves around placing wagers that are destined to lose money in the long-term. The coin toss bet is a good example of this because you have a 50-50 chance of the result being heads or tails; however, since the house takes vig out of the bets, this is a negative expected value bet no matter how you spin it. The overall point is that you shouldn't make 2016 Super Bowl prop bets just because they look like fun.

2016 Super Bowl Futures Bets

One type of wager that often gets confused with prop betting is the futures bet. These wagers are both somewhat similar, but the main exception is that futures bets are made on the outcome of the Super Bowl - just not in the same capacity as a point spread or money line bet. Instead, Super Bowl futures look at the odds of each team winning the big game well in advance. For example, the New England Patriots might be given 5:1 odds to win the Super Bowl months before the preseason even begins.

What's interesting is that you can actually start making 2016 Super Bowl future bets right now. So rather than waiting weeks before the NFL's final game, why not place some wagers months in advance? Just make sure to research your picks though!