Super Bowl Turf Donated To Arizona High School

Posted on: Mar 21, 2015 by Jim Murphy

The turf from Super Bowl XLIX has a new home. The Arizona Cardinals and the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee has donated 90,000 square feet of sod used for the 2015 game to Tolleson Unified High School. The 2015 Super Bowl was played at the Arizona Cardinals’ home field–the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

All of the Super Bowl and NFL markings have been removed and the lush green grass now sits idle in the school’s Charles A. Landis Stadium waiting for fall and football season. School principal Ernie Molina says that the turf has caused some excitement at his facility: “Our kids are convinced they are going to play at another level because of the grass underneath their feet.”

Grass fields aren’t easy to maintain in the Arizona desert and the freshman team’s coach James Carver has already noticed an upgrade:

“It’s got a nice bounce to it. I actually got to walk on it and jog a little bit. It’s got a little more bounce to it.”

Luis Zendejas, Senior Director of Community Relations with The Arizona Cardinals: “It was hard and it wasn’t slotted the right way. So they brought this field in. Wow. You know who got to play on this field. Pro Bowl players and the Super Bowl this year. Realistically, a lot of the kids can’t wait to get on this field.”

When the Cardinals were looking for a new home for the field the degree of difficulty keeping it maintained was taken into account. School athletic director Chad Doyle noted: “We had to come up with a plan to maintain the grass from aeration through fertilization to how you cut to what you cut. Those type of things.”

The turf for the Super Bowl isn’t usually donated though this year’s game was a big different. The grass itself was raised in Alabama and transported to Arizona. There it was kept in climate controlled conditions at the indoor stadium. The hope now is that the Tolleson High School faculty and staff can keep the grass in good shape and that it will bring good fortune to the Tolleson Wildcats football team.