Pats WR Edelman Still Mum About Super Bowl Concussion

Posted on: Feb 14, 2015 by Jim Murphy

The New England Patriots’ Super Bowl victory is in the books and the football scribes are running out of things to talk about. A current pseudo-controversy involves a concussion that Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman may have suffered during the big game. Edelman took a hard helmet to helmet hit during the game and looked woozy when he got up but he won’t answer the ‘concussion question’.

Edelman took his big hit in the fourth quarter but stayed in the game despite appearing to stumble on a few plays. On the other hand, he also caught what would prove to be the game winning touchdown pass from Tom Brady and finished the day with nine receptions for 109 yards and a touchdown. He evaded the ‘concussion question’ during a New York Times interview on Saturday, saying that Patriots’ team policy prohibited him from discussing injuries.

Edelman was also asked about Cam Chancellor, who delivered the big hit. Asked if Chancellor should have been fined or otherwise punished Edelman responded: “I don’t have an opinion on that. Kam Chancellor’s doing his job. Whether it was or wasn’t (a penalty), that’s for the refs to decide.”

And then came this line of questioning over the concussion:

(NYT) “Did you get a concussion on that play?”

(Edelman) “Due to our team policy, I can’t discuss that.”

(NYT) “You stumbled after that play, but you stayed in the game. Does that mean you were not injured?”

(Edelman) “Next question”

(NYT) “Were you tested for a concussion?”

(Edelman) “I went through all the protocols”

The bigger question–does it matter now? It apparently does to the mainstream sports media who won’t have much to do until next NFL season. The league would likely want to know since they’ve made the prevention of head injuries–and specifically concussions’ a big priority. If Edelman stayed in the game with a concussion due to a failure to evaluate him properly or if they *knew* he was concussed but kept him in anyway they’d be subject to serious punishment. But if Edelman isn’t talking–and there’s no reason to think that he’ll change his tone on that–this pseudo controversy won’t go anywhere.