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2016 brings the 50 year anniversary of the biggest game in North American sports.  The NFL is doing away with their 'Roman Numeral' designation but that just makes the historical significance of the 2016 Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers more obvious.  What began in 1966 as a mere competitive formality brought about the merger of the NFL and AFL today has a staggering impact on the United States financially, socially and culturally.  Although the Champions League soccer final might be a bigger deal in much of the world in North America there is no bigger sporting event than the Super Bowl in terms of importance, viewership and betting interest.

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Super Bowl 50 will be held on Sunday, February 7 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.  That's the state of the art home stadium of the San Francisco 49ers but since they're nowhere near the playoffs this season one historical Super Bowl streak remains intact—no team has ever played on their home field in the game.  Other than the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl XIV loss at the Rose Bowl in nearby Pasadena, no team has even come within a couple hundred miles of playing at home.  It won't happen this year either though for official purposes the Denver Broncos will be the 'home team' as the AFC has this status in even numbered games.

Where to Bet on Super Bowl

Not only has the Super Bowl itself changed since its beginning in 1966, so has betting on the 'big game'.  If a US citizen wanted to place a bet on the first Super Bowl he had two choices:  the sportsbooks of Nevada or the local 'bookie'.  Now Super Bowl betting is available anywhere in the world from a variety of sports books.  Players can not only bet on the Super Bowl with ease they can shop around for the best sports book bonuses and most current Super Bowl odds.  It's never been so easy to place a bet on Super Bowl 50 whether you do it at a Las Vegas sportsbook, from your home computer or even on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Types of 2017 Super Bowl Bets

There's also more variety at the types of Super Bowl bets you can place than at any point in history.  You can shop around for the best Super Bowl 50 odds from sports books all over the world.  In addition to betting on the side, total, money line there are literally hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets from which to choose.  And the action doesn't end there—you can bet on all of the major North American sports such as baseball, basketball and hockey as well as popular international sports like soccer and rugby.

Betting Odds and Lines on the 2017 Superbowl

No matter where you place your bet and what team you back there's one important fact—shopping for the best Super Bowl odds and lines gives you the best chance of win. Sports betting pros have known this for years but now you have access to the same variety of lines enjoyed by Las Vegas wise guys. If you were in Las Vegas for the first Super Bowl there was only one way to find the best odds and lines: pound the pavement going from one sportsbook to another. Now if you want to find the best Super Bowl 50 betting lines you don't even need to leave your house. You can get prices from dozens of respected sports betting 'outs' from all around the world and the information is just one click away!

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