Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Performances

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Everyone has their own opinion on which halftime shows were the best ever. We have witnessed all kinds of halftime shows. Really great ones, ones that we wish we never had to see and all in between. However these seem to be the most common ones of all.

1. Michael Jackson performed at the half time show during Super bowl XXVII. Where the Dallas Cowboys spanked the Buffalo Bills 53 to 17. Michael wowed the crowd with his mind- blowing entrance and owned the stage with his special effects. But the real crowd pleaser was when he sang “Children of the World” Be hand the crowd hold up papers that when seen from a distance created huge drawing of children. He also had hundred of children come on stage with him to sing. The kids were dressed from all backgrounds and nationalities. His performance was amazing!


2. Rolling Stones performing at Super bowl XL where The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21 to 10. The set list included: “set me up”, “rough justice” and “(I cant get no) satisfaction”. Mick Jagger and the boys rocked the stage as they always do. Their very famous mouth and tongue logo had an added bonus, a few seconds into the song the tongue started to move and revealed that it was covering a bunch of jumping, scream, hollering fans underneath. Mick Jagger danced, skipped and ran around the stage acting like he was having the time of his life. The crowd loved his energy and thoroughly enjoyed the show.


3. Diana Ross Performing at Super bowl XXX where the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 to 17. Diana Ross sang some amazing songs as she always does and looked amazing. The dancers she had to go along with her songs were flawless! Diana also set it up so that the audience was involved and during one of her songs different sections of the huge audience spelled out LOVE along with Hearts. She also hand her dancer form the XXX in observance for Super Bowl XXX. Her exit in that Helicopter blew everyone away as she disappeared into the sky.


4. Paul McCartney performing the half time show at Super Bowl XXLX where the New England Patriots played the Philadelphia Eagles and won 24 to 21.

With the lights out Paul lit up the stage singing “Hey Jude” the light show he added along with the audience involvement with spelling out “na na na na na na” in red white and blue was spectacular. Everyone loved his performance and wants him to do another half time show.


5. No Doubt, Sting and Shania Twain performed the half time show at super Bowl XXXVII where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers annihilated the Oakland Raiders 48 to 21.

Shania Looked sexy as she rocked a black mini skirt and thigh high black boots with a black trench coat open in front. She ha s explosive pyrotechnics during her performance, which added to the excitement of the audience. No Doubt hand the crowd hyped up jumping around. Sting rocked the stage.


6. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Performed the half time show at super bowl XXXVIII. Where the New England Patriots beat the Carolina panthers 32 to 29. Janet Jackson kept it hot with her singing and dancing performance. Justin Timberlake sure spiced things up with his singing and dancing with Janet on stage.


7. U2 performed the half time show for Super bowl XXVI where the New England Patriots beat the Louis Rams 20 to 17. U2 owned that stage. They wowed that crowd and even had a large handful of people with tears. They put on an amazing show also a bit emotional with the 911 tributes. All around U2 rocked that show.


8. Prince performed at the half time show at Super bowl XLI where the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29 to 17. Prince put on a wonderful half time show with amazing pyrotechnics and other special effects. The crowd loved him and wants him to do another show.


9. Aerosmith, NSync, Britney Spears Mary J Blige and Nelly performed the half show at Super bowl XXXV where the Baltimore Ravens whooped the New York Giants 34 to 7.

Aerosmith, NSync, Britney, Mary, and Nelly did an outstanding job working that stage all together to bring an already wonderful lively song so much more life. They wowed the audience in how well they performed together.


10. Bruce Springsteen performed at the half time show for the 2009 Super bowl where the Pittsburg Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27 to 23. Mr. Springsteen wowed the crowed with his performance. Viewers loved every moment of his performance. Bruce had the audience yelling and screaming and singing along. All around the crowd was very pleased with their experience.

The Super Bowl Halftime shows are always a big deal. People from everywhere look forward to who is going to perform. We have witnessed fun, energetic, touching, outstanding good and not so good performances by a wide variety of entertainers. All we can do now is keep tuning in and hope that the future performers demonstrate their exceptional musical abilities.